In-Depth Investigation

Exposing the Mistakes of the Medical Marijuana Industry

Forbes Magazine has said it’s headed to become a hundred-billion-dollar industry in the not-so-distant future. However, blatant blunders that have been made—based on misguided beliefs that by extracting natural “ingredients” from cannabis and hemp you will produce “superior” products—could just send this proverbial billion-dollar train directly off its tracks.

Recently, Brian Boyd of Internet Deputy, did an investigative report exposing errors made by the large manufacturing companies during their chemical processing and extraction of THC and CBD oils from hemp and cannabis, effectively annihilating the natural nutrients of the plant that offer far more medicinal help to consumers.

Sellers of these chemically-processed oils are pushing potency as being a medicinal advantage: this belief is 100% false. It is important to know that “concentrated” oils do not have any extra benefits. In fact, non-extracted naturally-made hemp paste offers more to the consumer. By using the whole-plant method, and not chemical processing, a stronger, healthier product is made.

Here Are The Facts You Need to Know

It was back in 2004 that a Canadian by the name of Rick Simpson coined the phrase RSO Oil and his cannabis extraction process. By using a highly explosive method of extracting the oil from hemp and cannabis with a method that utilized 190 proof alcohol, leftover plant matter was simply thrown in the trash. Terpenes that would have helped consumers are destroyed through this process, and it’s not only flammable but also highly dangerous to do. Lives have been lost from the explosions that have occurred.

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